ERP cloud can prove CIOs business value

ERP cloud can prove CIOs business value

The role of today’s CIOs is shifting to one that is more involved and as more direct impact on the business side, and less on the technology side.  A recent Forbes article offers ten tips for CIOs to adjust to changing atmosphere.  In many instance ERP cloud can prove CIOs business value in the new era.

1. Kick the 80/20 Budget Habit

Burning 80 percent of the IT budget on maintenance doesn’t fly in today’s world.  Justification for funding to maintain underused data centers is hard to come up with when IaaS and SaaS ERP solution do the job just as well.  

2. Lead the Social Revolution

Like it or not facebook, twitter and the rest are big part of how people connect these days.  CIOs have accepted there is business value to this.   Now they need to go beyond acceptance and embrace, lead, and claim social media as IT territory.

3.Create the Enterprise-Wide Opportunity Chain

It’s no longer prudent to look at supply chain, demand chain, business intelligence and data warehouses as separate entities.  Combining these into an Opportunity Chain concept is imperative and 360 degree view that an ERP cloud solution brings can help accomplish this.

4. Merge the Back Office and the Front Office into the Customer Office

When everyone is on the same page the organization runs better, the customers are better served and the bottom line will start looking a lot better.

5. Future-Proof Your IT Architecture

The rate that technology evolves these days, this might not ever be completely possible.  But the bulky on-premise systems of yesterday are certainly not the way to keep up.  Ignoring cloud will keep IT below the curve.

6. “Cloud Strategy” into “Business Transformed by the Cloud.”

Cloud strategies need to directly impact business transformation initiatives and open up new opportunities or their value will never be realized.

7. Transform Big Data into Big Insights, Big Vision, and Big Opportunities

An up-to-date ERP system will give the executives the view they need to make this happen.

8. Systems of Record Marry Systems of Engagement

The historical insights of the organizations older systems combined with the social, video, real-time, customer and employee experience of modern systems create a very powerful tool.

9. Lead with Speed

Speed is the hallmark of business competition today and CIOs need to be seen as a key driver in accelerating the business.

10. Bend the Value Curve: More Innovation, Less Integration.

CIO’s and their team need to define themselves with growth-oriented and customer-centric innovation, and spending time on resources maintaining in-house systems is not the way to accomplish this.  Let the hosted ERP provider do the heavy lifting with maintenance so that in-house IT can prove its value as the business innovator.




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