ERP cloud

ERP cloud

In the business vernacular big data is massive amounts of accumulated data that include business transactions, activity logs, performance numbers and so on.  And as time goes on big data just keeps getting bigger and harder to analyze.  Until recently big data and small business had virtually nothing to do with each other.  But with new solutions like ERP cloud that is all changing.

The new era of computing that we live in has opened the doors up to SMBs who previously didn’t have the budget to hire analysts or purchase on-premise enterprise management systems.  Here are the two major reasons why big data and small business can now coexist.


This is the obvious biggest contributor to SMBs exploring the world of big data.  As mentioned above, with hosted ERP options it is easier than ever for smaller companies to store and organize their data.  This leads to the next point.

Data Federation

By organizing data from different sources and delivering them from single points of access in the form of user friendly dashboards, business owners have access to data-at-a-glance.  This is important because data are now useful to people who don’t have time or the training to crunch numbers and do the analysis themselves.



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