ERP cloud and the new era of business

ERP cloud and the new era of business

The clear and obvious difference between ERP cloud and on-premise ERP is a physical one.  With cloud you do not have the burden of maintaining an enterprise data center, which comes with a lot of cost saving benefits.  But that doesn’t really address the user experience, and this is perhaps the most striking aspect of enterprise cloud computing.

Cloud computing solutions like ERP cloud are considered to be a disruptive technology, which of course it is.  It is changing the entire face of IT, but more importantly it is changing the way business is being conducted, and this can best be observed in the way it brings people together in a collaborative environment.

Because the ERP cloud encourages a higher level of transparency it enables departments to connect more closely with other department, individual employees, customers and vendors.  With cloud ERP the right hand will always know what the left hand is doing.

This simple detail has dramatic effects on the business by improving efficiency and accuracy, and frees up time in all departments so that innovative new ways of doing business can be deployed.

And because ERP cloud can be accessed remotely, when the light bulb of innovation goes off outside of work, the data is there when you need it.  The icing on the cake—it does all this for less money than an on-premise system.

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