ERP cloud: A year at glance

ERP cloud: A year at glance

2012 was a very busy year for the world of enterprise software.  A lot of change, influenced greatly by growth in cloud adoption, has created a new landscape in the ERP cloud world and key events in the last year played a big role in the transformation. went back into all their articles from the past twelve month to develop a list of seven events that they believe will have lasting impact on the industry.

Among those on the list: Mobile became a must have in enterprise software.  The cloud integration market matured with more companies than ever using SaaS computing.  And ERP went mobile as more companies have started to embrace the BYOD movement.

With the choices for cloud integration becoming increasingly robust 2012 was the year that it started to be common place for businesses to use SaaS on more than one level of their business processes.

Old fears about allowing employees to use their personal devices are dissipating as executives have started to embrace and understand the value of enterprise mobility.

Expect to see these trends continue along with further with further development of social collaboration in 2013.

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