ERP cloud: A justifiable business decision

ERP cloud: A justifiable business decision

When a business is thinking about making the switch to an ERP cloud system the inevitable question is going to be whether or not running all your critical business software over the internet on someone else’s server is a justifiable business decision.  Aside from the potential advantages in making this change, obvious questions about security and reliability are bound to come up as part of this. recently published an article that addresses some of these common concerns and explains the advantages of using a cloud ERP solution.  Here are some main points.

For starters, is it secure?  Yes.  Considering most cloud ERP vendors are in the specific business of offering secure ERP services like Microsoft Dynamics Hosting, keeping your data secure is a core part of the business.   

There is always the risk of loss of internet connectivity on the cloud, but again cloud ERP vendors make it their business to keep the software running smoothly, and taking into consideration potential for mobility and multi-location potential, downtime on the cloud is much less than on-site systems.

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