Enterprise software modules your organization can not do without

Enterprise software modules your organization can not do without

Not all ERP software is created equally.  When selecting enterprise software, whether it is ERP cloud or on-premise, it is important to resist the temptation to go with the first “off-the-shelf” solution you come across.  Maybe a business associate has recommended the software they use, but just because their organization is getting what they need out of it doesn’t mean yours will.

Cost and ease of deployment are probably the first things on the check list in the selection process, but the efficiency of the functionality you get out the software is going to depend on what it has to offer.

Panorama-consulting.com has a list of software must-haves for financials, human resources and business intelligence.

Financials should have accounting, budgeting, and forecasting, with the ability to produce standard reports and data capabilities that allow users to create their own reports.

Human resource functionality needs to be able to reduce overhead and streamline business processes by utilizing online portals with electronic templates of all forms and paperwork, all while keeping employee data secure but easily accessible.

For Business intelligence, look for functionality that allows managers and employees to use and analyze data in unique ways to support better decision-making.

When selecting business software it is important to start by assessing what the organization’s requirements are and find the package that best fulfills those requirements in a way that is cost effective and efficient.

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