Enterprise digital transformation still a competitive advantage

Enterprise digital transformation still a competitive advantage

While technologies such as mobile, social, data analytics and cloud (third platform) have seen rapid adoption in all industries, most large businesses have yet to achieve true enterprise digital transformation.


While the majority of enterprises have adopted third platform technologies to enable some digital customer experiences, the technologies in most cases are not well integrated with other mission critical software and fail to offer truly innovative solutions to everyday business operations, according to an IDC study.

While most organizations have adopted short-term strategies to digitalization and are cautiously exploring the third platform, only about 8-percent have fully transformed to the digital age and these organizations have a significant advantage over the competition.

“We believe that (digital transformation) integration across the dimensions described in this benchmark — including leadership, work sourcing, omni-experience, operating models, and information — will become the core challenge for business leaders in the next five years,” said IDC’s Senior Vice President of IT Executive, Industry and Financial Research, Meredith Whalen. “Digital transformation is a foregone conclusion for most if not all businesses. The only choice for businesses is whether to hunker down and try to weather those disruptions, develop digital transformation competencies and become a disruptor, or split the difference and become a fast follower of disruptors.”

Many IT departments lack third platform expertise, but offerings such as public cloud services do not always fit the reporting, compliance, functionality and security needs of public companies and global enterprises.

For these organizations it is critical to find a managed service provider who can offer integrated ERP, customer relationship management, social media and industry specific solutions in a unified hosted or cloud based software bundle.  What’s more, they need a service provider who can deliver compliance validated services for SOX, HIPAA, FDA and other industry regulations.

It is possible to achieve enterprise digital transformation and be up and running quickly when you outsource to the right provider.  These organizations would do well to find provider with expertise in compliance and in providing services at the enterprise level.

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