Best way to upgrade Dynamics GP ERP

Best way to upgrade Dynamics GP ERP

38676409_lThese days, Microsoft releases new versions of Dynamics ERP more rapidly than ever.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 is the newest version of Microsoft’s powerful, scalable ERP software.  If you are an existing Dynamics GP customer, upgrading to the newest version comes with many benefits but upgrading an on-premise ERP system can be costly and is easier said than done.

However putting off an upgrade can lead to costly interruptions to business processes, modules that go unused, slow system performance and a lack of mobility depending on which version of Dynamics GP you have.

You can get a complete list of the latest GP features in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Capabilities Guide.

Some of the new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 include:

Migrating your system to the cloud is the easiest way to upgrade Dynamics GP to the latest version now and for the life of your subscription, but many ERP users are still skeptical about hosting accounting software and data in the cloud.  Fears about security, compliance, availability and data ownership are still prevalent and not unfounded where public cloud offerings are concerned.  But a dedicated hosting environment from a provider who is focused completely on hosting Dynamics ERP will actually perform better on all of these points than most IT departments can achieve in-house.

Just be sure you find a provider with a comprehensive service level agreement that spells out what you can expect in terms of uptime, security, compliance and data ownership.

RoseASP can move your system to the cloud on the latest version of GP in a few days.  With a test environment set up to help you and your team get used to the new features while your existing GP system continues to run, RoseASP can move your GP data to the cloud on a Friday and have you up and running on the latest version of GP by the following Monday.

Check out the data sheet to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP subscription licensing.

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