Dynamics NAV for Multi-Channel Retailer

Dynamics NAV for Multi-Channel Retailer

Stonewall Kitchen is a 400 employee company that implemented Dynamics NAV to assist with their multi-channel retail business.

Stonewall Kitchen has created a line of nationally recognized specialty foods that they sell through 11 company stores, online, and through a catalog.

The company manufactures its own products and uses Dynamics NAV to help with operations, finance, and sales control.

Stonewall Kitchen has realized these benefits using NAV:

  • Allows them to creatively expand their business to take advantage of new opportunities
  • Combines solid financial control and reporting with manufacturing functionality
  • All formulas and bills of material are in NAV
  • Shop-floor data is collected, stored, and analyzed in NAV
  • Business alerts are continuously monitoring operations to identify possible quality problems so that they can be resolved early

Stonewall Kitchen was able to modify Dynamics NAV to allow them to quickly offer unique sales promotions that their competitors could not. They are able to build exactly what they want.

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