Dynamics Jewelry : Pandora Jewelry Video Case Study CRM

Dynamics Jewelry : Pandora Jewelry Video Case Study CRM

Jewelry is among the most popular Valentine’s gifts and certainly always makes a statement as a gift.  Pandora Jewelry went from a mom-and-pop shop to a global enterprise and they credit Dynamics CRM as an integral player in getting them there.  Check out the Dynamics Jewelry video…

“We’ve moved from a little jewelry company that was just trying to sell product, into the third-largest jewelry brand in the world,” said  Laurie McDonald, Director Wholesale Sales, Pandora.  “The biggest change that we’ve had with the exponential growth is keeping up with all of the information that we need, making sure that the right people have the right information, and making sure that we continue to change with the needs of the consumer. Our whole customer relationship management program is built on Microsoft Dynamics.”

Pandora Jewelry and Dynamcis CRM are a match made in heaven.  The jewelry company is a loyal fan of Microsoft.  Like many small businesses they were already using the Microsoft family of software for business efficiency, so when it came to getting a CRM solution, it only made sense that Pandora pick a solution integrates with the software they already use like Excel.  And with a familiar user experience to those programs, Dynamics CRM was a no brainer.

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