Dynamics ISV Products Provide Additional Functionality

Dynamics ISV Products Provide Additional Functionality



Dynamics ISV products add a lot of functionality to the standard Microsoft ERP systems. Even though all of the Microsoft ERP solutions provide extensive, integrated functionality there may be areas where users feel they need more functionality. It could be horizontal functionality that enhances the entire ERP system or vertical functionality that adds enhanced capability for specific market/industry niches.

Dynamics ISV products can fill the gap between the Microsoft ERP system and your specific needs. The advantage of an ISV product is that it usually will run within the same user interface as the Microsoft ERP system. This makes user adoption easier to attain and maintenance easier to complete. Microsoft also requires adherence to specific design and usage criteria which will make the products easier to use and reliable.

Generally ISV products are sold through value added resellers just as the Microsoft ERP systems are sold. But some Dynamics ISV developers are starting to sell directly to end users via the Internet.

At RoseASP we really like the ISV products because of the added value they bring to the ERP solutions. We are generally willing to host ISV products for no additional hosting fees.

You might want to check out the Cloud Marketplace at goERPcloud for a list of solid ISV products. You can click here to get there.

Some of these ISV products are included in the trial systems we have available. You can check them out here:

Dynamics ISV - goERPcloud Dynamics ERP Free Trial

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