Dynamics GP 9 Support Ends, Lapsed Maintenance is Expensive ….What is a Customer to Do? HOST!!

Dynamics GP 9 Support Ends, Lapsed Maintenance is Expensive ….What is a Customer to Do? HOST!!

As many of you know support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 will end on January 11, 2011 per the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy. While there is a great promotion out there for Dynamics GP customers to get current with their maintenance, the burden falls on the Dynamics Partner to bear the financial responsibility to see that year’s 2 and year’s 3 enhancement is paid. Unless the customer pays all three years upfront…..and not too many of them want to…..this is really a financial risk for Dynamics Partners! So what solution can a partner offer?

RoseASP has been working with Partners and their Customers to help them with a cost effective solution. Hosting is a great option for both parties with great benefits on both sides. We find that customers are really embracing this option especially if they don’t have the hardware for upgrades and the lapsed maintenance is too much to bear. Here is a typical example:

Customer “A” has lapsed more than two years and it still on Version 9.0. They are on an old Server Operating System, SQL 2000, their workstations don’t all have 2 Gigs of Ram, and they run Office 2003. Backups work on occasion, but not routinely, and no one has tested a restore in years. And since they have been lapsed on maintenance, they aren’t current with the latest service packs. The servers are old and tired and probably should be retired. The Partner has worked with this customer for years and has a great relationship but has very little hope that they will pay three years of maintenance under the current “lapsed maintenance” offer. And under the new BREP percentage requirements for Partners, the customer is likely to get “orphaned” because they will bring down their BREP percentages.

We have all seen this scenario and we all have customers who fall into this category. Hosting is a great option for them as they can gain significant benefits while the partner is finally able to upgrade the database and have it hosted with a Partner, and never to have to worry about them again. Here are some of the many benefits to both Partners and Customers:

Customer Benefits:
• Updated software
• Faster, better, newer servers
• All their backups done- guaranteed
• No more annual maintenance, it’s included in the monthly hosting
• All the latest Service Packs and Feature Packs applied for them
• Access anywhere, anytime
• 24 x 7 x 365 support to your application
• Predictable monthly fees – no annual surprises.

Partner Benefits:
• Ability to continue to provide support to your client
• Faster, better, newer servers so all those new features will work
• You can backup their data anytime
• 24 x 7 x 365 access to your customers database for consulting support
• A new customer add
• VOICE revenue – each month
• Monthly commissions

Hosted Dynamics GP 2010 runs as little as $250 per user per month, with installation fees as little as $1,000. We urge you to explore this opportunity with your customer and keep them happy and current with their application. To learn more, check out our services at new.roseasp.com. You and your customer will be happy that you did.

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