Dynamics GP Vendors, Payables Invoices, and Checks

Dynamics GP Vendors, Payables Invoices, and Checks

Dynamics GP includes a complete purchase to pay cycle that is well integrated and flexible enough to meet your needs.

The vendor maintenance screen allows you to enter new vendors and edit existing vendors. You can specify whether a vendor is a 1099 vendor or not. You can assign vendors to different Vendor Classes to make reporting, data entry, and data changing easier. You can maintain an unlimited number of vendor addresses.

You can enter and maintain various types of vendor documents, like invoices, credit memos, and returns. You can use standard posting accounts or change accounts to meet a specific transaction’s needs. Transactions can be saved in a batch for work or posting at a later time, or you can post transaction in real time.

There are a few ways to create check batches. Check batches are just batches of invoices, credit memos, etc. that you want to create check payments for. You can easily create batches of potential payments and review to make sure your cash requirements are suitable, and adjust the batch or delete the batch.

This video shows you an overview of the payables functionality:

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