Dynamics GP Turns Out to be a Good Fit for Family Offices

Dynamics GP Turns Out to be a Good Fit for Family Offices

We have family office clients who have found hosted Dynamics GP to be a good fit for their organizations.  Family offices often have competing interests that make it difficult to determine which accounting system would suit the organization best:

  • Need to track and manage the accounting for many different types of enterprises; operations, equity, personal
  • Need to keep the information secure
  • Need to provide high quality financial reporting to owners
  • Need to keep it very affordable

Dynamics GP in a hosted environment provides a solution for these competing interests.  The wide variety of functionality available in Dynamics GP means that a family office can track businesses with significant operations, financial holdings, real estate holdings, and personal activities.  The solid financial reporting functionality of FRx and Management Reporter means that a family office can easily provide a variety of different reporting formats to meet the owners’ needs.  The availability of subscription pricing in a hosted environment makes Dynamics GP a very affordable system, from the beginning, because there is no significant upfront licensing fees or hardware purchases required.  Hosting Dynamics GP in a tier-1 hosting environment means that the family office will have dependable and secure access to the system.  Regular data backups, redundant hardware, and a high level of physical security means that the Dynamics GP system will be secure.

If you’re looking for a solid solution for your family office, consider Dynamics GP in a hosted environment.

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