Dynamics GP Suggested Items

Dynamics GP Suggested Items

Dynamics GP Suggested Items will help your order entry personnel better assist your clients by allowing them to suggest additional items for your customers’ orders that compliment the items requested. For example, your client might order a laptop computer. Your order entry person might additionally suggest a carrying case or a service plan. This will increase the size of the order and better need your customer’s needs.

Dynamics GP adds this functionality to the standard Sales Transaction Entry screen. It’s pretty easy to set up and use.

To set it up you merely have to identify the additional items that might be suggested for a specific item in your inventory. You can easily do this right off the Item Maintenance screen:

Suggested Items

Using this feature during sales order entry is easy because the prompt for suggested items will just pop up. You then just select which item(s) you want to add to your order.

This video shows this new feature in action:

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