Dynamics GP SmartLists

Dynamics GP SmartLists

Dynamics GP SmartLists

Dynamics GP SmartLists is by far the most popular reporting tool in Dynamics GP. It gives users instant access to GP data and allows them to easily filter and report the data they want.

As an ad-hoc reporting tool it can’t be beat. But you can also use it to meet recurring reporting requirements and share reports with others in your organization.

It can be used as an additional navigation tool in GP or a business alert that monitors various aspects of your business and reports directly to your home page.

But the number one feature everyone loves is that you can dump the data to Excel with one click. You can then do further analysis in Excel, import the data into another system, use the file for a Word merge, etc.

You can also set it up so that Excel macros automatically run when the data goes to Excel. This is handy for formatting so that you have your GP data in Excel ready to use or distribute just the way you want it. Nice.

This is a quick video that shows SmartLists in action. Check it out:

If you haven’t tried out a Dynamics ERP system yet, we have free trials available here:

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Here’s another video that shows the Dynamics GP SmartLists Export Option that allows you to specify that Excel macros run when the data from SmartLists is exported to Excel:

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