Dynamics GP Sales Kits

Dynamics GP Sales Kits

Dynamics GP Sales Kits adds some functionality that I’ve used in various ways. One of the most outside the box solutions involving sales kits I ever proposed, was for a service company that repaired large pneumatic tires by filling them with some secret sauce foam.

Their problem was how to easily account for the secret sauce foam used in each tire repair. I proposed that they use sales kits and include the secret sauce foam as one of the components.

The advantages of this approach:

  • It’s easy
  • They could track different sizes of tires they repaired
  • They could enter the actual amount of secret sauce foam used on each tire repair
  • The inventory system would be used to accurately record costs and quantities used and on hand

This video will give you a brief glimpse of how I used the Dynamics GP Sales Kits to solve this problem:

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