Dynamics GP Overview Demo

Dynamics GP Overview Demo

This Dynamics GP Overview demo is the demonstration of Dynamics GP I would give if I only had a short (very short) amount of time to show someone. It shows the basic navigation and reporting functions, and gives a quick glimpse to some core financial and distribution functionality.

Dynamics GP is a well integrated system. It’s considered a mid-range ERP system; a step up from Quickbooks and Peachtree. It’s a step up for these basic reasons:

  • Scalability – It easily allows for many more users to access the system at one time than Quickbooks
  • Reporting – It stores data in an easily and fully accessible SQL database that allows users to access the data with built in tools or the reporting tools of their choice
  • Functionality – It includes robust manufacturing and project accounting modules, as well as a variety of other horizontal and vertical solutions
  • Security – It includes role based and user based security and automatically maintains a solid audit trail of all transactions

This is the basic navigation screen; easy to personalize and use:


Here is a sample of easily rendered Dynamics GP data in Excel:


Though we have over a hundred videos about Dynamics GP on our YouTube Channel, this is a quick overview that will get you started:

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