Dynamics GP Field Level Security

Dynamics GP Field Level Security

Dynamics GP Field Level Security allows you to control user access and edit capability down to individual fields on Dynamics GP screens. The basic user access security in Dynamics GP is based on screen level security. But Dynamics GP Field Level Security gives you control of  individual fields and does not require any coding or scripting. You can set it up right within the Dynamics user interface.

Dynamics GP Field Level Security - Resource Explorer


Dynamics GP Field Level Security - Field Security Maintenance

The Security Mode drop down gives you an idea of the type of control you can specify for any given field. This will give you a lot of control without having to invest in any development time.

You’ll want to make sure that you don’t deny access to required fields or other screen functionality necessary to the operation of the screen. I don’t have any guidelines here. You’ll just have to try it out.

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