Dynamics GP Consolidated Invoicing

Dynamics GP Consolidated Invoicing



Dynamics GP Consolidated Invoicing allows you to combine shipped items from several sales orders on to one invoice.

This is not a very common requirement. But there are some customers who just want to receive one invoice for a month that has all their activity included on it. If you’re making several shipments to this type of customer, from one or more sales orders, this can be a control problem and a clerical problem to meet your customer’s expectations.

Dynamics GP made this functionality available in GP 2013. To use this you need to use the Advanced Distribution functionality that adds steps to the sales order / invoice process to track pick, pack, and ship operations.

There is one trick to this process. You need to make sure that you don’t process the Ship step in the Advanced Distribution workflow. If you do that, you can’t combine the shipments onto one invoice.

Here’s a couple of videos that you might want to take a look at. The first one shows the Advanced Distribution function in action:

This video shows the new Dynamics GP Consolidated Invoicing function in GP 2013:

If you want to get some additional information about distribution, you should check out our Cloud Resource Library here.

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