Dynamics GP Collections Management

Dynamics GP Collections Management

The Collections Management module in Dynamics GP really facilitates following up with your customers in regards to outstanding invoices. The module provides a one-point view of all related customer information. It essentially pulls information from familiar customer related screens and eases navigation.

Additionally there are some additional functionality provided, such as the ability to create notes, assign notes, qualify notes, and set up reminders. It also allows you to easily re-print and distribute customers’ invoices. Since one of the most often heard reasons customers give for not paying an invoice is, “I didn’t receive the invoice,” Collections Management allows you to respond instantly and easily.

One of the features I like best is that you can create simple queries to select a group of accounts, and then scroll through them one at a time. For example if I just wanted to focus on accounts with balances greater than 60 days out, I just create a simple query, apply it, and then I can look at each customer account, and take action. This is a time saver.

You can also create dunning letters that include the details of outstanding invoices. This makes for much more specific demand requests, and can easily be created in a batch mode.

The weirdest thing is that not many people use this module. Too bad. It can really save you time.

This video will give you an idea of how it works:

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