Dynamics GP Bank Reconcile to GL

Dynamics GP Bank Reconcile to GL

Dynamics GP Bank Reconcile makes it easy to reconcile your Dynamics GP Checkbook to its companion general ledger account.

This used to be a cumbersome and time-intensive process if you happened to have some discrepancies. But with this new functionality in Dynamics GP, it’s easy.

This is the screen you use to launch the reconcile process. Go to: Finance Area Page >> Routines >> Reconcile:

Dynamics GP Bank Reconcile to GL

Click on “Process” to see the results of the process in Excel.

You will get a list of transactions that match, don’t match, and partially match. You can use the handy drill-down links to see the transactions in GP. This will help you more easily determine the cause of any discrepancies.

Dynamics GP Bank Reconcile

If you’re not using these Reconcile to GL functions, you should really try them out. They will save you time. Here’s a quick video that shows this in action:

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