Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV on Azure

Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV on Azure



Windows Azure is now available to host Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV.

While Microsoft runs and maintains Windows Azure, you will probably need a Dynamics Partner to assist you in setting up your Dynamics system on Azure. People have been hosting their Dynamics systems in the cloud for years. We’ve been hosting Dynamics since 2000. Hosting Dynamics on Windows Azure offers another option to be considered.

A blog post at MSDynamicsWorld.com covers the subject nicely; explaining the opportunity and the concerns. The article is available here.

Mariano Gomez, a Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP and EVP for middle market solutions at IntellPartners LLC, explains, “Now partners are able to say, ‘we can give you the ability to host this environment in a Microsoft data center on Azure and we can make that environment as transparent as possible to your network while you consider whether you’re going to go to a more hosted-type environment or go a partner solution in the future.'”

Linda Rose, president of RoseASP, adds, “Where we need to have a data center that has data in another country, [it’s] just a given for us that Azure would be a very good [option]. Or if there’s some latency in the data coming to the US or customers don’t want their data in the US. I’m really waiting for Microsoft to make some announcements regarding Canada because Canada has some concerns about having their data in the US so having an Azure data center with Microsoft in Canada is huge in my opinion.”

“Additionally, some customers might feel more comfortable moving to the Azure cloud because it’s Microsoft – a bigger name behind the data center – and it will have much better infrastructure than any other co-location service could provide”, Rose said.

Dynamics ERP systems have traditionally been hosted in a private cloud environment. Moving to a standard environment provided and maintained by Microsoft may raise some concerns. Rose points out that, “there are some things that aren’t going to be appealing to customers, potentially not having a ‘point-in-time restore, not having a SAS70 audit that Microsoft can provide. Or maybe customers don’t like where the data center is located.”

At the outset it appears that Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV hosted on Azure by Microsoft is a good option for companies wanting to move their critical business systems to the cloud. “I think customers are going to want to go to a partner that can do both and give them pros and cons because they’re going to need that education as much as anybody else. So that’s been our viewpoint here – we are going to embrace Azure as a solution in addition to ours,” says Rose.

People are increasingly seeing the benefits of moving their ERP systems to the cloud. if you have any questions about Dynamics Hosting in the cloud, give us a call.

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    We are Mircosoft Dynamics partner incorporated in 2012 and started business same year. Propriety Consulting is located in Lagos, Nigeria and will like to partner with you on provision of Microsoft Dynamics NAV on AZURE.

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