Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Features and GP Roadmap 2018

Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Features and GP Roadmap 2018

Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2016 R2 this month as the most recent version of Dynamics GP, an enterprise resource planning solution. Dynamics GP 2016 R2 continues to advance the improvements made in the initial release of GP 2016.

Dynamics GP 2016 R2 New Features and Road Map 2018


Dynamics GP product roadmap revealed at GPUG Summit in October showing plans for the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 release, the next major release for GP expected sometime in 2017. Learn more about Dynamics GP 2018

Web Client – Power BI on Homepage

One of the most powerful new features in GP 2016 allows Power BI reports to be displayed on the homepage for quick insight into business performance. The new HTML5 Web Client in GP 2016 allows improved access through the cloud.  Dynamics GP 2016 R2 brings these two features together for the first time. Power BI on the homepage was previously only available for desktop GP, and now one of the GP 2016 R2 features enables this function on the Web Client version.

Financial Features

  • Improved process for reconciled transaction maintenance
  • Bank reconciliation history tracking and transaction removal ability
  • Ability to save Fixed Asset ID with suffixes other than 1
  • Deduction in arrears to prevent double posting of mandatory arrear transactions
  • Ability to access https reports in Management Reporter
  • SmartList Designer Lists available in Advanced Look-ups
  • Show user name in alert when a batch is edited by another user

Distribution Features

  • Ability to cancel PO line items linked to a requisition
  • Link credit card invoices to original invoice
  • GL transaction entry widow automatically sets default to open as expanded or collapsed based on user history
  • Receivables Credit Limit warning for un-posted credit docs
  • Ability to display tax percent for historical transactions when processing sales orders

HR and Payroll Features

  • Ability to track history on terminations and rehire date information
  • Ability to print W-2s with lines. Payroll administrators can print W-2s using a self-service report without using the pre-printed form
  • Payroll integration to payables to enable 1099 information to be added to vendors when posted from payroll
  • Payroll pre-posting reports: “tips” info added to distribution reports

Project Accounting Features

  • Distributions added for each transaction and reflect on trial balance
  • Timesheet status report was added


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Previous roadmap for Microsoft Dynamics GP revealed at Amplify 2016.

**This post was recently updated with the above text. While the info from the previous version of this post is outdated you may still find it useful:


The slides below were from a presentation at Amplify.  These were the proposals for new features at that time. Amplify is a conference for the Microsoft Dynamics GP channel to network and share knowledge.

Distribution Features in GP 2016 R2

roadmap dynamics gp 2016 r2 features distribution

Financial Features GP 2016 R2

roadmap dynamics gp 2016 r2 features financial 1

Payroll and Human Resources Features GP 2016 R2

roadmap dynamics gp 2016 r2 features payroll and hr

Systems Features GP 2016 R2

roadmap dynamics gp 2016 r2 features system powerbi hompeage

You can learn more about full service hosting for GP Dynamics in the cloud on this Microsoft Great Plains Software Page

Linda Rose Talks GP 2016 with Jon Riviers at Amplify


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