Dynamics GP 2016 HTML 5 Web Client & PowerBI

Dynamics GP 2016 HTML 5 Web Client & PowerBI

PowerBI GP 2016 HTML 5 web client imageMicrosoft recently confirmed that the Dynamics GP 2016 release date is set for May 1, and a couple of the anticipated new features are getting a lot of buzz, including the PowerBI app on the GP homepage and HTML 5 Web Client. You can learn about other GP2016 updates to expect in this article on the Dynamics GP 2016 release and product roadmap.

Microsoft is doing away with the use of Silverlight to power the Dynamics GP browser-based interface, as new HTML 5 features will greatly improve the Web Client user experience.  The HTML 5 Web Client is expected to deliver a better looking GP that offers improved performance in the cloud and better connections to Power BI reports.

“Dynamics GP includes the new and modern HTML5 client that will work across devices like iPads and Android. It enables users to work when they want, how they want, with the device they want.”  Pam Misialek, Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you are curious about current GP cloud deployment options, check out this Microsoft Great Plains Accounting Software cloud page.

PowerBI on GP Homepage

GP 2016 HTML 5 Web Client PowerBI image - Power BI previewPower BI from Microsoft is a business intelligence app designed to integrate with Microsoft business solutions like Dynamics GP to extend the solution’s analytical capabilities.  Power BI delivers detailed analytical insights to help diagnose, solve and prevent problems or inefficiencies within a business.

The GP 2016 navigation allows PowerBI to integrate more seamlessly to be displayed in GP windows, including the Dynamics GP homepage

With Power BI Reports right on the Dynamics GP 2016 Homepage, users will be able to get a quick snap shot of their most critical data, allowing them to accurately gauge company performance in real time without leaving GP. This feature will be added to the Web Client in GP 2016 R2.

Dynamics GP 2016 New HTML 5 Web Client

microsoft dynamics gp 2016 html 5 web client powerbi captureYou’ve probably heard of HTML, the markup language used for building and displaying online content, and the language of web browsers and web apps.  HTML5 is the latest and greatest standard for that language and using it to power GP 2016 is expected to deliver improved performance across web browsers.  This will enable GP’s device agnostic capabilities for improved mobility.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 HTML 5 Web Client eliminates the need for the Silverlight plugin which powers the previous versions of the GP Web Client. While previous versions of GP do well using Silverlight, the Dynamics GP 2016 HTML5 interface is the next step in improving how GP works as a cloud app.  The new HTML 5 features include…

  • Support for Multi-browser (IE, Chrome, Safari, Edge)
  • Support for Multi-device (Windows, iPad, Android)
  • New controls created for HTML 5 Web Client
  • UI changes
  • Window Search
  • Office “banner”
  • Navigation, color, etc.

“Dynamics GP isn’t just pretty, it’s smart too. With the new Odata connections for PowerBI, Dynamics GP [offers] more than just year to date sales, you can get knowledge to actually run the business instead of monitoring it.” Jason Gumpert MSDynamicsWorld.com


How does PowerBI work?

While this video is a Power BI preview for Dynamics CRM, it will give you a solid idea about Power BI capabilities if you are unfamiliar with the app and you can see how it may expand your GP experience. Read on after the video to see how Dynamics GP 2016 will take advantage of PowerBI on the homepage…


Did you know..?

You can take advantage of browser based GP today using your existing Dynamics GP licenses.  Checkout this Dynamics GP cloud upgrade video below to understand the step-by-step process of upgrading GP to the cloud.  Or request info about Cloud Based Dynamics GP pricing for your business.

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