Dynamics CRM Complex Workflows

Dynamics CRM Complex Workflows

Dynamics CRM Complex Workflows gives you a lot of flexibility in automating your internal business processes.

I use Dynamics CRM workflows in my daily work, for marketing, and as part of our automated systems, www.myGPcloud.com and www.goERPcloud.com.

For my daily work, CRM workflows help me keep on top of open opportunities that I’m tracking. I have it scheduling follow-up phone calls and sending follow-up email messages. this helps make sure that I am following up on the prospects, opportunities, and tasks that are part of my daily work. This also helps me maintain a record of the contact that I’ve made with individual accounts.

For marketing I have developed a couple of long term nurture plans that are powered by CRM workflows. This allows me to include new contacts in an appropriate nurture campaign when I initially find out about a lead. I’ve actually developed some nice content, and the CRM workflows slavishly deliver.

Our automated systems include a fair amount of delivered content. CRM workflows send the content bases on predetermined schedules. These workflows are initiated automatically and don’t require any process intervention by me.

This is an example of a workflow that sends email messages and schedules calls:

Dynamics CRM Complex Workflows

Here’s a quick video that shows how to use this functionality:

If you want to try out Microsoft Dynamics CRM with one of the Dynamics ERP systems, you should start a 30 day free trial here:

Dynamics CRM Workflow

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