Dynamics Cloud Upgrade: Fears and Bennefits

Dynamics Cloud Upgrade: Fears and Bennefits

dynamics cloud upgradesUpgrading an on-premise enterprise resource planning solution like Microsoft Dynamics to its current version is traditionally a costly and time consuming project. Replacing aging hardware and costly lapsed maintenance fees often deter businesses from upgrading. But falling several versions behind can create competitive deficiencies. However, many of the deterrents to upgrading can be avoided in the cloud. Learn more in an upcoming webinar about the Dynamics cloud upgrade process hosted by RoseASP.

Is cloud the right answer for you?

To help you answer this question we’ll look at the reasons some Dynamics customers hesitate to go cloud and we will look at the main benefits of Dynamics cloud upgrades:

Some businesses hesitate to upgrade Dynamics in the cloud because they…

  • Believe they can’t integrate their ISV solutions in the cloud
  • Believe custom code will not run in the cloud
  • Believe they can’t integrate with internal legacy systems
  • Believe they have no control over their own upgrades
  • Believe performance will decrease

While many of the fears listed above may be true in the case of public cloud services and multi-tenant environments, a full service cloud provider for Dynamics will offer a variety of cloud options. These options may include dedicated cloud environments, shared private cloud, multi-tenant, Azure or a hybrid of all of the above.  At RoseASP we make the cloud upgrade process simple and fast with no downtime to your systems. In our experience moving Dynamics customers to the cloud since 2000, it is not a problem to keep any customizations or integrations customers have. Now let’s look at some of the benefits of going cloud…

Benefits of a Dynamics GP Cloud Upgrade…

  • No new or additional hardware required
  • Stay current forever
  • Guaranteed backups
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Added security
  • Added support (24/7/365)

These are just a few of the benefits and concerns about Dynamics cloud upgrades. If you are curious to learn more about the cloud upgrade process for Dynamics join us for our free webinar Thursday April 20, 9am-10am.

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