Dynamics Cloud Security Data Centers

Dynamics Cloud Security Data Centers


Dynamics Cloud Security Data Centers ensure that your data is safe. Some people don’t want to put their ERP systems in the cloud because they think the systems are safer on their own servers in their own buildings.

For large companies that can afford to have specialized security personnel, equipment, and procedures, that might be true. But for emerging and mid-sized companies, that is not true.

We host our Dynamics ERP systems at independant data centers. We believe that this approach offers many security benefits along these areas:

  • Power infrastructure
  • Cooling
  • Fire suppression
  • Network infrastructure
  • Security
  • Monitoring

A list of these details can be found here.

A story I often tell is of a new prospect we talked with several years ago. We were introducing them to both Dynamics GP and hosting, explaining the features and benefits of each. At the end of our meeting I asked the prospect why they had decided to look for a new system at this time. The prospect responded that the reason was because two weeks prior someone had broken into their office and stole their system. Everything gone forever in a matter of minutes.

If you want more information, you can also get our brochure that covers more about Dynamics cloud security and data centers. Click here to get the brochure.

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