Dynamics AX Product Configurator

Dynamics AX Product Configurator



The Dynamics AX Product Configurator allows you to dynamics create bills of materials for unique products using your existing products as a base. Murray Fife at Dynamicscare.com continues to provide excellent guides to using AX. AX is a sophisticated ERP system that can be configured to meet the requirements of a variety of manufacturing scenarios.

These are the steps that Murray so nicely lays out:

Creating a Constraint Based Product Master

Creating a Product Configuration Model

The Product Configuration Models, “contain all of the rules and definitions that you will use to tell Dynamics AX how to build your new product BOM’s.”

Adding Configuration Attributes

“The way that the configurations are personalized are though Configuration Attributes which the user will update as they are building their product variation.”

Grouping Related Attributes

“If there are attributes that are related to each other then you may want to show them together in the configuration dialog box. To do this we need to change the way that they are displayed within the UI.”

Adding Conditional Display Options

Conditional rules, “allow you to show and hide attributes based on conditions.”

Adding Constraints to your Configuration Model

Constraints, “are rules that allow you to restrict what values are allowed to be entered in the attributes based on the values of other attributes.”

Configuring BOM’S Based On Attributes

“Once you have all of your attributes configured, with their values, and constraints, you can now create the rules that will allow Dynamics AX to use them to create dynamic BOM’s on the fly.”

Using Table Based Attribute Values

“The Product configurator has the ability to look up the values directly from the database, allowing you to dynamically update attribute values.”

Using Attributes as Variables

“Attributes do not have to be values that the user enters. You can use attributes as variables within your configuration model.”

This level of sophistication in a product configurator is rare in an affordably priced ERP system. Often times functionality like this has to be acquired in a significant add-on product to your ERP system.

You can get more information about Dynamics AX here. Filter on “Industry Solutions” to get even more targeted results.

Murray’s full article is available here.

If you want to try out Dynamics AX for yourself, start a free trial here:

Dynamics AX Free Trial


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