Dynamics AX Print Management

Dynamics AX Print Management

Dynamics AX Print ManagementDynamics AX Print Management functionality is well covered in a recent post by Murray Fife of DynamicsCare. In his post Murray nicely details various aspects of the Print Management function and provides instruction and screen shots that help explain this feature.

Sending a Form via Email

“Forms don’t have to always be printed. You can also email them directly from the Dynamics AX client through the print management options without any additional configuration.”

Automatically Emailing A Form Via SMTP

“The Print Management feature also allows you to configure the default print options for your documents and forms so that you don’t have to override the default print settings each time you print a form.”

Setting Print Management defaults by Customer

“For some forms and reports, you may want to have different configurations depending on who the form is associated with.”

Using the Batch Server to Automatically Generate Forms

“For a lot of forms, you may want to configure them to automatically run without you having to kick off the process every time.”

Creating Alternate Form Versions

“If you want to look even cleverer with what you are doing with forms, … you may want to create custom variations of forms that can be selected from within the Print Management configuration.”

The complete post is available here.

Dynamics AX is a sophisticated product and one needs to take care when implementing it. Murray’s posts give you a nice glimpse of the product.

If you want to check out Dynamics AX for yourself, you can start a free trial here:

Dynamics AX Print Management

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