Dynamics AX mobility video

Dynamics AX mobility video

Here is another cool video about Dynamics AX mobility

We talk a lot about mobility and how a solution like hosted Microsoft cloud Dynamics can improve your business.  That’s all easy to say, but seeing is believing and this video gives some great real world examples of it in action.

“Providing  your employees with the sort of mobile experience they expect means less time spent dealing with administrative tasks and more time working to make your customers happy.  Whether it is entering hours into timesheets on the go or filing expense receipts securely from the road, every little bit of time saved helps.

“When mobile workers can seamlessly capture travel receipts and reconcile those expenses, it helps employees across the enterprise more easily stick to your company’s expense policies.”

–Microsoft Dynamics

Citrix recently released a report called Mobility in Business and it gives some interesting insight into the tidal wave of disruptive technology known as mobility.  As it stands, 91% of businesses allow mobility and about half consider it a top business priority.

Microsoft Dynamics AX mobility apps help you turn point of sale into point of service with rich, immersive, and secure mobile customer interactions. Managers, too, save time when they can approve budgets, timesheets, expense reports, and purchase requisitions from any location.

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