Dynamics AX for Services Organizations

Dynamics AX for Services Organizations

Dynamics AX provides a well integrated and full functional system solution for services organizations. Dynamics AX easily grows with your business and streamlines project based and service based processes.

These are the highlights and benefits of Dynamics AX for services organizations:

Client Relationship Management

  • Build and strengthen client relationships through client, prospect, sales management, sales force and marketing automation, lead and opportunity management, and case management.
  • Create project quotations that can easily be converted into projects when approved.
  • Connect easily to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, online and on-premises.

Project Management and Accounting

  • Use Dynamics AX Project Management and Accounting to plan, create, manage, control and complete projects for your organization including time and materials, fixed price, and internal projects like investment, cost, and time projects.
  • Create your own hierarchical work breakdown structure that is enhanced by custom workflows and role-tailored access to information and tasks. Add specific information to these activities including schedule, requirements, estimated cost and revenue, and worker attributes.
  • Create and manage project contracts, consisting of one or more projects. Manage project and grant funding by associating multiple funding sources with a project or grant, optionally linking any transaction to a specific funding source, prioritizing funding sources, and restricting funding sources to exclusive activities or classes of expenditures.
  • Manage projects with forecast (hour, expense, item, fee, on-account) and budgets. Manage project cost control by summarizing actual cost, committed cost, and remaining budget to discover total expected cost, and compare with the original budget.
  • Use powerful scheduling and tracking tools to allocate resources effectively through the bi-directional integration with Microsoft Office Project Server 2010 for projects, activities and tasks.
  • Measure utilization rates by comparing actual hours to budgeted hours. Compare the status of invoiced and chargeable transactions of a project or contract with the project quotation.

Financials, Compliance, and Internal Controls

  • Optimize financial operations with general ledger, bank management, fixed assets, accounts payable and receivable, cost accounting, budgetary control, intercompany accounting, and shared services support.
  • Streamline billing of projects by creating and editing invoice proposals for hours, expenses, items, sales orders, fees, subscriptions, advance and deduction payments, or milestones.
  • Schedule payments to project vendors when you receive payments from customers (Pay when Paid). Retain part of payment to a vendor.
  • Periodically match cost and revenue in the same general ledger period. Accrue revenue or capitalize cost for time and material in order to recognize the gross margin on the date the cost occurred or the invoice date.
  • Post and accrue revenue for fixed price based on completion percentage or completed contract.
  • Handle WIP for investment projects during the project before final elimination of the WIP value to a fixed asset upon completion.
  • Help ensure organizational compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and business rules, including internal controls through the Dynamics AX Compliance Center.
  • Take advantage of the Audit Workbench to define your organization’s policies and automate auditing processes.
  • Use an Environmental Sustainability Dashboard to track energy use and carbon footprint.

Procurement and Sourcing

  • Facilitate direct and indirect procurement of goods and services. Track project purchase orders, project purchase requisitions, and project requests for quotation (RFQs) to manage costs and identify potential cost overruns. Create project quotations and project sales orders to offer customers the right price.
  • Utilize self-service capabilities to empower employees to order day-to-day goods and services from searchable online catalogs.
  • Help vendors operate more efficiently by enabling them to perform a variety of tasks online, such as updating profile data and catalog content, submitting invoices, and reviewing payments.
  • Enhance buyer capability to support procurement policies and processes.
  • Extend your procurement process with a cloud-based service facilitating the RFQ process and recruitment process (Sites Services).

You can download a Dynamics AX brochure with this information and more, here: Services Organizations Fact Sheet.

If you want to try out Dynamics AX for yourself, you can start a 30 day free trial here:

Dynamics AX Trial

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