Dynamics AX 2012 Basic Company Configuration

Dynamics AX 2012 Basic Company Configuration

Dynamics AX 2012Dynamics AX 2012 Basic Company Configuration is nicely covered by Murray Fife over at DynamicsCare. Murray walks through the steps to configure your own company with your data within the Hyper-V image supplied by Microsoft.

These are the steps he identifies:

Configuring the Legal Entity

Configuring a Business Unit

“To make your ledger a little cleaner, it is probably a good idea to create a new Business Unit for your new legal entity.”

Configuring Account Structures

“Before we can define the ledger for the new organization, we need to create some new Account Structures that will be used to manage what can and cannot be posted to our company ledger from within the organization.”

Configuring Company Ledger

“The next step in the configuration is to define the Company Ledger linking the account structures to the organizations chart of accounts, and also to default in some account codes.”

Configuring Automatic Transaction Accounts

“There are a few additional defaults that need to be configured for the organization that will make your life a little easier when the system is up and running.”

Creating a Bank Account

“Finally, while you are setting up the main information for the company, you might as well also create a default Bank Account.”

Murray’s complete post is here. Check it out.

If you want to check out Dynamics AX for yourself, you can start a free trial here:

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