DIY Dynamics Implementation and Proficiency

DIY Dynamics Implementation and Proficiency



I’ve been recommending a few books lately about implementing and using Dynamics to get the most out of it. Essentially Dynamics is a business tool and you have to know it and use it as such. The more you know about it, the greater the return on your investment.

This is the book by Victoria Yudin (A true Dynamics All-Star) that I’ve been recommending lately:

And if you’re already using Dynamics GP you will want to check out this book by Mark Polino:

And just in case I haven’t touched on something you’ll want, you may want to check out the entire collection at Packt Publishing.

Both Victoria and Mark are valued highly enough to be included on Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 list. That means they’re legit and worth your time to investigate.

Take a look at these books and see if one or more might help you use your system more successfully and profitably.

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