Detroit and Auto Manufacturing Cloud IT

Detroit and Auto Manufacturing Cloud IT

Michigan is setting up to reestablish itself and the City of Detroit as the world leader of the automotive industry according to CBS News.  The state has drafted a 30 year plan to make this a reality according to its top automotive advisor Nigel Francis.  Hosted management solutions like auto manufacturing cloud IT are lowering overhead and helping manufacturers of all types become more streamlined.  With the lean cloud model, will Detroit be able to restore its glory?

With streamlined self-service management in the cloud manufacturers are able to focus on innovation, developing  IT initiatives that will deliver more value to the business according to an interview of Jaguar Land Rover IT portfolio director Alex Rammal at

“The maturity of cloud computing, especially in the legal and compliance frameworks, appears to be progressing, allowing the further adoption of enterprise scale cloud computing,” Rammal said. “Cloud in essence has moved IT away from providers of ‘boxes and wires’ to expecting a utility based model. This has freed up IT departments to move up the value chain and start to focus on providing competitively advantageous IT solutions that provide true business value.”

auto manufacturing cloud IT


The automotive manufacturing industry continually adopts new technologies to face emerging challenges. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) put pressure on tiered suppliers to reduce costs, increase output, improve quality, and deliver more frequently. Microsoft Dynamics for example has enterprise level IT solutions for automotive that are available in the cloud. Auto manufacturing cloud IT solutions give automotive manufacturers the key capabilities needed to be more responsive to customers and suppliers.

“The continuing technology mega-trends are likely to have substantial impact on our enterprise IT landscape, the realisation of IoT (Internet of Things) will open up a huge amount of potential within the automotive industry, already we are seeing more and more progress in connected cars – other trends such as 3D/4D printing and improving artificial intelligence are all areas of interest,” said Rammal.

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