Data Security for Business Owners

Data Security for Business Owners

Businesses are flocking to the cloud, moving their critical business systems in increasing numbers. Initial concerns about data security are being replaced with satisfaction and realization of additional benefits.

A recent study commissioned by Microsoft of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) showed that those people who moved their critical business systems to the cloud, are quite happy with the move. In fact, 43% of cloud users said they wished they had moved to the cloud earlier.

These are some of the results of the study:

Security – 94% of SMBs have experienced security benefits in the cloud that they didn’t previously have with their on-premises service, such as up-to-date systems, up-to- date antivirus protection and spam email management.

Security – 91% of SMBs said the security of their organization had been positively impacted as a result of cloud adoption.

Privacy – 62 percent of respondents said their levels of privacy protection increased as a result of moving to the cloud.

Reliability – As a result of improved service availability, 86 percent of SMBs have saved time since moving to the cloud, and 68 percent of those same SMBs saved money.   75 percent of SMBs that use the cloud said they experienced improved service availability.

Reliability – 75 percent of SMBs that use the cloud said they experienced improved service availability.

Reliability – 73 percent of cloud users said they are more confident in the integrity of their data now that they are using a cloud service.

Reliability – Two-thirds of SMBs that use the cloud said that, compared with their former on-premises solution, their cloud service provider is able to restore service more quickly.

Reliability – 61 percent of SMBs that use the cloud said both the frequency and length of downtime had decreased since moving to the cloud.

The study also indicated that cloud adopters were able to reinvest cost saving realized from their move to the cloud:

Since moving to the cloud, 69 percent of SMBs said they have saved money.70% of SMBs have used their savings to fund activities that benefit and grow their businesses:

  • 36% have invested in customer service
  • 24% have invested in product development and innovation
  • 21% have invested in marketing

One-half of SMBs that use the cloud have been able to pursue new opportunities because of time saved managing security in the cloud.

The conclusions from the Microsoft study are more thoroughly covered here.

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