Customer FAQ

Q: When I try to login to access my companies desktop, I am getting prompted to save or open the .ica file. What am I doing wrong?


A: Most likely you have not installed the Citrix ICA Client. This client is needed in order to connect. You can download the client by clicking here (choose the 2nd one in the list with the word “Web” next to it).

Q: An ICA Client File Security box pops up when I try connecting. What options do I choose?


A: First check the box to not ask you again, then select Full Access from the drop down Menu and click Ok. You will only be presented with this box the first time you connect.

Q: When I am logged into our desktop I am unable to see my local printer, so I can’t print.


A: Whichever printer you want to be available to you in your companies’ desktop, you need to make it your default printer locally PRIOR to logging in. Here is how to fix it –

  1. Logoff the desktop and from your local computer
  2. Click Start > Devices and Printers > Right Click the printer you want to use and click “Set as default printer”.
  3. Log back into your companies desktop and you should now see your printer.

Q: I am unable to login because I forgot my password and now my account is locked out. What do I do?


A: Great news! We now have a self-service password reset site so that you can reset your password with just a couple of clicks. Click here to get started!

Note: This reset tool is not for your GP or FRx password. It is only to login to the For assistance with your GP or FRx password, please contact RoseASP Support.

Q: We want to add and/or delete users to/from the system. How do I make that request?


A: All user change requests need to be submitted by completing the appropriate form, found here. You can scan and then email the form to us at or send it to us via fax at 858-794-9404. You will be notified when your request has been processed. Please refer to your contract or contact us for licensing cost information.

Q: I need technical support, how do I contact you?


A: Our RoseASP Support Team is happy to help you with all of your support needs! Please Contact Us and someone will assist you right away!