CRM User Adoption Best Practices

CRM User Adoption Best Practices

Low user adoption is one of the most common problems associated with CRM solutions.  The webinar below gives some great insights about CRM user adoption best practices.

A lot of factors can contribute to low CRM user adoption.  Lack of executive buy-in, lack of management or IT buy-in.  Even a less than friendly user interface can create low user adoption. 

Low user adoption can sour the entire CRM initiative.  According to recent Merkle Group survey results published at most CRM initiatives that fail do so because they

  • Lack clear ownership of customer insight said 53-percent of respondents
  • Lack enough management bandwidth said 43-percent of repondents
  • Lack executive sponsorship said 38-percent
  • Fail to become an IT priority said 38-percent

“For senior leadership in high-growth organizations versus low-growth organizations, we saw that senior leadership in high-growth organizations really understood the value of CRM as strategic and critical to their organization,” dmNews quotes says Steve LaValle, EVP of Merkle. “Low-growth organizations were much more inclined to view [CRM’s] as a tactical tool.”

With a solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users not only get a friendly interface experience that is familiar to the Microsoft products they likely already use, the business leaders have the assurance of the trusted Microsoft name behind it.  And when integrated with an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, users across the organization will be united on a single system.

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