CRM solution providers, forecasting and enterprise growth

CRM solution providers, forecasting and enterprise growth

Not surprisingly, a recent Gartner survey revealed that increasing the growth of the enterprise was the top priority among executives for 2013.  So it stands to reason that businesses around the country will be focused on increasing sales this year.  No shock there either, but setting goals for increased sales is only as strategically sound as forecasting is accurate.  Businesses can seriously improve forecasting with a CRM solution provider.

An article at Growth University discusses some of the simple ways that accurate forecasting can improve the bottom line, and with a CRM these are easily achievable.


With accurate financial planning the business can avoid cash flow problems by understanding what is in progress, which prospects are promising and which are not so promising.  CRM will also help avoid unneeded inventory and restocking fees with stronger assurances of orders.  Knowing ahead of time how much inventory will be needed can also help negotiate the best prices from vendors.


With better targeting abilities and more informed goal setting, management can help create some healthy competition among the sales team.  When properly managed, competition can be a great driver of sales.  And beyond competitive spirit sales representatives will be able to streamline their schedules based on a more accurate view of their pipeline.  And when those few sales are inevitably lost, strong data can give the sales team a better understanding of where the deal went wrong, giving them more ammunition for future prospects.

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