CRM 2011 Importing Data

CRM 2011 Importing Data

CRM 2011 Importing Data allows you to easily get data into your CRM system. You can import a wide variety of record types into CRM.

Usually I import Accounts and Contacts for various reason. I import contacts and accounts for people we meet at various Microsoft events. They love receiving email from me. I also import contacts and accounts from two other CRM systems we have that back up our sites, and .

So I do this a lot, and it’s easy.

You can save mappings if you want to. But creating them from scratch is fairly easy too, which is what I usually do.

To get started you just click on “Export to Excel” anywhere you find it.

If you have a large source file, you will want to create a small sample of that file, about 10 – 20 rows. Because CRM will ask you to give them a little tidbit of coming attractions.

Create your mapping.

Select whether to invoke duplicate tracking or not. This is generally desired.

Start the import.

Once the import is complete, you can view the results at:  Settings >> Data Management >> Imports

You can drill down from here and view any records that didn’t import the way you wanted.

And if you want (I really like this) you can select to delete all the records that were created from the import.

CRM Data Import Results

Here’s a quick video that shows this in action:

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