CRM 2011 Excel Export Import

CRM 2011 Excel Export Import

CRM 2011 Excel Export Import allows you to easily manipulate a large amount of data in CRM 2011.

What’s nice about this feature is that you can export the data to Excel and then use the power of Excel to manipulate data. You can then import the modified Excel spreadsheet and the corresponding records and fields will be updated in CRM.

I recently used CRM 2011 Excel Export Import to add a filed value to about 300 contacts I had in CRM. I have over 10,000 contacts in CRM and the changes only applied to 300 of them. 

In a separate Excel file I had email addresses and the related values I wanted to update into CRM. This is what I did to update the values:

  1. Export all 10,000+ contacts to Excel (be sure to check the box for, “Make this data available for re-importing…”)
  2. Use VLOOKUP to lookup the target email accounts in the other Excel spreadsheet and apply the new related values in my just exported CRM Excel spreadsheet
  3. Import the Excel spreadsheet with the new values


Here’s the export dialog box:

CRM 2011 Export

I must caution you that you have to keep your wits about you when you do this. It’s easy to totally mess up your CRM data if you misstep.

But with this caution, it’s still an easy way to update fields in CRM 2011.

Check out this video that shows this feature in action:

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