Convergence Speed Networking… now that’s dynamic

Convergence Speed Networking… now that’s dynamic

Convergence Speed Networking Video

They say that it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know that counts.  Maybe you can’t get to “know” someone in just a brief meeting, but it’s a good start.  Convergence Speed Networking is all about efficiency.

When you arne’t speed networking be sure to stop by booth #1040 at Convergence and say hello to the RoseASP team.  Convergence is the biggest networking venue in the Microsoft Dynamics community, and the Convergence team tries to keep it fresh every year to maintain that status.  One of the exciting new features this year will be Convergence Speed Networking.  The video above gives a run down on how this session will work.

“There are so many people to meet at Convergence, and you want to make a memorable–and lasting– impression. Convergence Speed Networking is a new activity at Convergence 2014! Learn a little bit about this fun and advantageous way to meet new people and pick up some new tips for making great connections at Convergence 2014. See you in Atlanta!” — Microsoft Dynamics.

“Speed networking can help you connect with the right people in the most efficient way possible,”  said Cary of Ovation Communication in the video.  “We’re gonna tell you what to do where to go and even offer you some great networking tips along the way.”

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