Convergence 2012 Reflections

Convergence 2012 Reflections

Now it’s over. It was a great experience for everyone. It’s a lot of work for us, and a lot of fun.

We arrived in Houston at Noon on Saturday and left on Wednesday at 6:00. A lot of time and a lot of energy depletion.

I suspect that by now most people have stopped reading this post and I’ll continue on if only to record my highly interesting personal thoughts:

  • I really like talking with partners and users about hosted Dynamics. It’s really the only reason I go.
  • We received recognition from Microsoft on Monday for adding the most new customers on ERP in the cloud for the first 6 months of fiscal 2013. We received a nifty trophy to commemorate the recognition.
  • My first trip to Houston. Pretty nonplussed about the city; though I really didn’t see much of it.
  • Subscription pricing continues to be avoided by many ISV partners. Too bad. The longer they wait, the harder they’ll fall.
  • Customers really like Convergence, especially the first-timers.
  • Microsoft developers put an huge amount of effort into designing and delivering a fast and effective user experience. Our business’s investment in Dynamics is a good one.
  • We all work very hard.
  • I continue to believe that innovation is essential for survival in the market.
  • I’m exhausted

The plane’s descending into San Diego, so that’s it.

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