Collections Management in Dynamics GP

Collections Management in Dynamics GP

The Collections Management module can assist you in managing your accounts receivable, to improve cash flow and reduce delinquent accounts.  The module includes features that allow you to easily and quickly respond to your customers’ requests, and to document your collection efforts; so that your accounts receivable are properly managed and controlled.

The primary advantage is that all the GP screens that include relevant customer information are easily accessed from the Main Collections screen. This allows you to have effective conversations with your clients because you can access all data to optimize the time you spend with your clients on the phone, IM, or e-mail.

You can also easily create personalized queries that act as filters that can be applied against your data, so that you can focus on the accounts that need the most immediate attention. For example you can create a query that shows all accounts with balance over 60 days. Then you can just scroll through the customers and see the ones that meet the query attributes.

This video shows some of the features of the Collections Management module in Dynamics GP:

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