Cognitive computing to create change in healthcare | Forrester

Cognitive computing to create change in healthcare | Forrester

As new trends in technology accelerate change in healthcare and life sciences industries, business in the sector will rely more heavily on business intelligence and accounting in the cloud.


As cognitive computing begins to gain steam the healthcare industry may see a significant shift in clinical automation, care management and therapies for complex health conditions, according to a recent report from Forrester.

Cognitive computing deals with complex, ambiguous data sets that frequently change.  Its goal is to solve problems by weighing varying and often conflicting evidence and producing the best answer to a problem where there is no right answer, similar to how humans solve problems.

“…cognitive computing won’t reach commercialization until 2019, but healthcare CIOs would be smart to start experimenting with the tools and platforms now to stay ahead of the curve,” said the Forrester report.

As in many sectors, healthcare industries and life sciences organizations are seeing IT environments become increasingly complex as industry leaders leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage.

RoseASP provides enterprise resource planning in the cloud for life sciences organizations and healthcare industries with support for compliance to SOX and HIPAA requirements.

The fact is that the world is becoming increasingly complex and maintaining a competitive advantage in the life sciences industry requires new levels of innovation, research and complex production environments.

With an enterprise solution like Microsoft Dynamics AX, professionals in the industry will gain greater visibility across their organization, more efficient financial process and analytical insights, to plan better and juggle the many complex moving parts of their business.  This will lead to more time to focus on research, funding procurement and process innovation.

As cognitive computing helps discover new ways of delivering healthcare on all levels, new organizations, growing organizations, and organizations going through reorganization will need to be up and running on an accounting and management solution quickly.  RoseASPs cloud solutions have the tools these organizations need to get up and running quickly and the power they need to sustain them through rapid growth.

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