Cloud software for public companies

Cloud software for public companies

cloud software for public companiesThe idea that cloud based enterprise software is not able to support compliance and security is not true in many cases.  The truth is that many cloud providers and SaaS shops just don’t have compliance on their radar, and those shops are likely not well equipped to  adequately support publicly traded companies.  But there are certainly organizations out there that are totally focused on cloud software for public companies and regulated industries.

SaaS shops who make public companies their primary focus will be able to demonstrate an understanding of compliance requirements for public companies and their technology solutions.   Software that does not allow for access controls, strong auditing trails and encryption will threaten Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance and other regulations for organizations that use them.  So finding a provider that can deliver solutions that do provide adequate controls is step one for any public company looking for hosted software providers.

An organization whose core competency is hosting cloud software for public companies will also keep backup and archiving practices that surpass what other cloud providers generally offer. This gives assurance to the user they will have access to their data and historical data for years should they be audited.

Lastly, companies and industries that face heavy regulation will want a hosting partner that has staff dedicated to maintaining internal controls.  The best-of-breed hosting provider with a focus on regulatory compliance will incorporate at least one C-level executive with auditing experience to oversee compliance issues.

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Check out this video to learn about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 security enhancements.

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