Cloud Services Improvement and Investment – Selecting Cloud Hosting Partners Part 2

Cloud Services Improvement and Investment – Selecting Cloud Hosting Partners Part 2

Solutions like enterprise resource planning (ERP) have seen an improved delivery system thanks to the cloud.  It has made ERP accessible to smaller business who previously could not afford the cost of an on-premise ERP solution.  It was also increased the reach of providers like Microsoft Dynamics ERP partners and third party ISVs.  But some partners like you lack the ability to offer solutions in the cloud, so partnering with a hosted solution provider is critical to stay successful in today’s digital world.  Selecting cloud hosting partners can be tricky so we created this blog series to discuss some key considerations like continued cloud services improvement and investment.

Improvement and reinvestment is the subject of this, the second in a series of posts about choosing a hosting partner.  So far in the series we have talked about how to avoid cloud hosting failure by choosing a cloud partner that delivers a human touch to their relationships.  And now for number two in the series.

Continued Cloud Services Improvement

To start, choosing a partner with a long history of cloud hosted accounting and ERP is critical.  Sure, cloud is a fairly new concept, but the truth is there are companies out there that have been hosting ERP in the cloud for well over ten years.  And those that have remained successful have made a commitment to the cloud through regular reinvestment and cloud services improvement.

Ask yourself if the vendor is offering cloud services as a cherry-on-top service, or if hosting accounting and ERP solutions is their core commitment.  Find a hosting partner who is committed to completely focus on delivering hosted and cloud SaaS solutions to partners and their customers.  This ensures a greater reliability, security and service in your cloud solution.  Further it is a good sign that the provider is committed to continued cloud services improvement.  With that kind of confidence your people will be better equipped to sell solutions and improve your customer reach through cloud hosted solution offerings.


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