Cloud Security for Customers in the Cloud

Cloud Security for Customers in the Cloud

If you’re a Dynamics partner, cloud security is a primary concern of your customers that are considering moving their ERP system to the cloud. Being used to having their ERP system just down the hall, the idea of moving it off-site to a distant data center can be a bit fearful.

A recent study commissioned by Microsoft of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) indicated that those people that have moved their critical business systems to the cloud, are generally happy with the move. Their fears concerning cloud security have been replaced by feelings that their systems are even more secure and the benefits are greater.

These are some of the findings:

Security – 91% of SMBs said the security of their organization had been positively impacted as a result of cloud adoption.

Privacy – 49% of SMBs said they feel very comfortable with their cloud provider’s ability to manage data privacy.

Reliability – 75% of SMBs that use the cloud said they experienced improved service availability.

These are some of the concerns customers had before they moved to the cloud:

Security – 60% of SMBs that do not use the cloud cited concerns around data security as an inhibitor to adoption.

Reliability – One of the top reasons SMBs (42%) haven’t adopted the cloud is because they are concerned about its reliability.

The conclusions from the Microsoft study are more thoroughly covered here.

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