Cloud security concerns: The Cloud Still Catching a Bad Rap

Cloud security concerns: The Cloud Still Catching a Bad Rap

Forrester: Many businesses are missing an opportunity to save and improve performance due to misplaced cloud security concerns.20310032_l


Bolstered by recent, highly visible public cloud breaches, cloud security concerns remain a top deterrent, keeping business from moving data to the cloud, according to Forrester.

While major breaches and crashes as seen with the iCloud breach have been highly visible in the media, all of these breaches have occurred due to human error.  Further, the problems have occurred on public personal cloud services that are vastly different from an enterprise scale hosting service.  Forrester said these fears are unfounded and businesses stand to gain much more than they might lose by adopting cloud data solutions.

“When it comes to implementing big data analytics, cloud services should be a first-class option, not an exception,” said a Forrester report.   “…recent publicized breaches of cloud-based data have been the result of user error, not a flaw in the cloud service.”

Not only are security concerns surrounding cloud computing unfounded, but a state-of-the art data center with added security and back-stops for compliance can offer much higher levels of security and uptime than an in-house data center can offer.  So when it comes to cloud security concerns, the cloud is still catching a bad rap.

But with that said, cloud computing continues to see huge adoption numbers and that trend is likely to continue.  Businesses have seen the proven results cloud based systems produce for early adopters. In fact, Forrester lists four ways businesses can benefit from moving data to the cloud:

  • Cloud services can deliver the fastest big data time-to-results
  • More focused agility
  • Cost advantages of shared consumption and pay per use.
  • External data sources can be easily tapped as API-based sharing becomes the norm
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