Cloud Partner Profitability Guide from Microsoft Dynamics is here

Cloud Partner Profitability Guide from Microsoft Dynamics is here

cloud partner profitabilityThe past couple years in cloud computing have been marked by rapid growth and big changes.  Gone are the days when the dialogue on cloud computing was one of skepticism that questioned the validity of cloud hosted business solutions.  Cloud solutions like hosted accounting have proven their value, and now the question has become how value added resellers and other solution providers can leverage the cloud to deliver greater satisfaction to their customers.  Since 2011 when Microsoft Dynamics published its first Cloud Partner Profitability Guide, many core ways of thinking about doing business have stayed relatively constant, while some have changed with new market demands and trends.  The most recent Profitability Guide addresses both.

“The Cloud, above all else, represents a total disruption in how technology is discovered, evaluated, purchased and consumed – the magnitude of which has not been seen since the dawn of the client-server era. It changes the very business models that underlie the delivery of technology solutions.”— Cloud Partner Profitability Guide.

One of the key disruptions created by the cloud is the change in customer buying habits.  This is evidenced by the decline in brick-and-mortar businesses like the video rental store, the books shop, news print and many more that have given way to online cloud options.

For those in the business of delivering cloud-based business solutions like Microsoft Cloud Dynamics Hosting Services, the customer of today now expects not only a solution provider, but a Cloud Solution Curator that can pull together Enterprise Resource Planning, office efficiency software and various third party solutions to deliver the exact functionality they need.  What’s more they demand anytime any-device access to their solution.

Check out the entire whitepaper to learn more.

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